5 Amazing Foot Exercises To Relieve Back, Hip & Knee Pain In Under 20 Minutes

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In dance, yoga, and theater, one of the most important, if not the most important, things to master is a standing pose that connects you like a root to the ground. This is because how your feet are working for your body has an effect on your posture and body alignment. Poor feet lead to misalignment and pain throughout the body. Strengthening the feet themselves is where it all starts. Even if you’ve had delicate feet and ankles for years, it’s possible to build them up for better balance and greater mobility.

Simple exercises that take little effort can make a huge difference when performed daily, or even just a few times a week. If you have problems with balance, or walking, or going up and down stairs, you could see improvement in just a few days. Even better, you’ll feel relief from hip and joint pain almost immediately. To see how, click the link below.